Misung has been manufacturing Goolbee caught in Beopseongpo, Youngwang, the pure sea water area in the southern part of Korea, and now being the center of attention by developing fermented Goolbee with lotus leaves. Goolbee from Beopseongpo, Youngwang is well known for its excellent taste compared to those from other districts. 

The secret of this taste comes from rich protein and fat of yellow croaker, and superior condition for drying with special environment and northwestern from Yellow sea. In addition to this, Misung increased nutritions and elasticity in Goolbee and its unique chewy taste by removing its fish smell and adding contents from lotus leaves when preserving with salt to increase contents of natural organic acid, iron, and calcium

"Mother always prepares breakfast early in the morning for the family's health, With every mother's heart, Misung serves customers."

Grilled Goolbee (a dried croaker) which gives its unique flavor cook with medium heat. Goolbee Tang (soup), the rich soup boiled and simmering in the rice-washed water with fresh vegetables. 

Goolbee, jim (Steamed dried croaker) which has deep taste through steaming. Gochujang Goolbee, a side dish with boiled-rice, which is delicious with red hot pepper paste. 

Goolbeepo, dried slice of Goolbee ripen in uncracked grains of barley for a few months, which is good to eat with Gochoojang (thick soypaste mixed with red hot peppers) as a dipping sauce. Beopseongpo Goolbee which is properly marinated with sea-salt and dried by sea wind, also has various taste according to a lot of cooking methods. Is there any other food material which can create such a variety of tastes as it does in the world... 

In consideration of that Good Goolbee is made from the heart of mother who prepares breakfast for her family and by sea wind in Beopseongpo, 

we keep working to serve our customers with good products.


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Add. 195-28  Yeonggwang-ro, Beopseong-myeon, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea   TEL : +82-61-356-9999   FAX : +82-61-356-3577

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